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What is Sandplay?

Sandplay therapy is a nonverbal therapeutic modality to express and process feelings through symbols and images. The method, for both children and adults, was created by Dora Kalff in Switzerland. Sandplay has roots in play therapy—specifically from “The World Technique” of Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld. Jungian Analytical Psychology and eastern philosophies make up the two other roots. Sandplay is experiential, immersive, and interactive and can produce an experience of restoration and healing at a deep and personal level in the psyche over time.

How does it work?

I use sandplay therapy with individual adults. I hold a space silently most of the time while my patient creates pictures in the sand. People often have difficulty finding words where they feel something deep inside. Images are universal and help to express feelings and emotions with an understanding beyond words.

In my work with diverse populations, different age groups and cultures, I am inspired to witness the deep connection experienced when sandplay images speak. In a gentle and safe environment in the presence of an attuned therapist, Sandplay is effective for those who want to unblock current and past difficulties and work through early trauma.

I am a Sandplay Practitioner (SP) and a candidate for certification with Sandplay Therapists of America (STA). My recent paper about the symbology of a fox was published in the Journal of Sandplay Therapy in 2018.

Additional information about Sandplay Therapy is available at
I am also a membership chair board member of NCRSS (Northern California Regional Sandplay Society). For NCRSS information:

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